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Y's Men Fellowship - School of Prayer & Intercession 2021

School of Prayer & Intercession 2021 is a 10-week series with Ester Tanumihardjo that starts on 19 Oct 2021.

The contents of this series will not be based on the syllabus that Ester has previously taught. The times that we live in are unprecedented. We need the Holy Spirit to school us in prayer and intercession and to show us the way forward.

As such, Ester will seek the Lord on what He wants to bring to the school this season. We strongly encourage you to make plans so that you could fully commit yourself to the full 10 sessions. Although attendance will not be tracked, lessons may be in sequel. As such, commitment to the 10 sessions is best for full benefit from the school.

Do mark and reserve the dates for the school. We look forward to learning and hearing from God together and making a difference in our world and the Church, through our prayer and intercession.

All men, ladies, young adults who wish to learn deeply about prayer and intercession are welcomed.

Dates: Tuesdays - 19 Oct, 26 Oct, 2 Nov, 9 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov, 7 Dec, 14 Dec, 21 Dec 2021

Time: 1pm – 2pm (SGT) (GMT +8)

(Praise and worship at 12.45pm)

Zoom Link is the same for ALL sessions:


Meeting ID: 948 3492 9275 Passcode: 687198

Recordings of these sessions will be made available at the Recordings page of this website, although it is highly recommended that if time permits, that participants join the 'live' sessions.

Organized by:

Rebecca, Kum Koon and Suzanne

Y's Men Fellowship

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Holy Sanctification in Daily Living

A Lighthouse Fellowship Talk by Amin Tanumihardjo on Saturday 9 Oct, 4-5 30pm SGT (GMT +8)

Zoom ID: 815 7983 5811 Password: Sanctify

Admission starts at 3 40pm on the day of the event.

Amin and Ester Tanumihardjo have been serving together in the Kingdom of God for more than 2 decades. Their main burden is for discipleship. They teach and preach at local churches, and also on various platforms to an international audience.

Disciples of Christ should exercise Spirit-led reflections in daily life, in which the Word of God is applicable and actionable in all aspects of practical life.

In this talk, Amin would like to encourage believers to embrace the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. This will lead us to a deeper righteousness and holiness. Such virtues will prepare us to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ.


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Recordings >Lighthouse Series for the video & audio recordings

Crossing Over with Jesus - Tapping into God's Heartbeat in Our Time

A Lighthouse Fellowship talk by Ester Tanumihardjo on Saturday 18 Sept, 430-630pm SGT (GMT +8)

In her first book “Life of an Intercessor” Ester Tanumihardjo shares in an in-depth manner on intercession as well as the need to heed God’s wake-up call for us to enter into radical intercession. The book also contains prophetic words about the End-Times and the imminence of God’s judgment. In this event, Ester shares further on what God has put in her heart to prepare God’s people for the Last Days.

We desperately need a revival in many ways. God desires to revive His people. Joshua 3 is an account of what happened when Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the Promised Land, and contains many lessons we can glean from. The Ark of the Covenant that went before the Israelites is the picture of Jesus. The Hebrew children had not traveled the suggested route before. Similarly, it is time for Jesus to take back His full leadership over the church of our day. When God sends out a revival among His people, it does not travel along the well-trodden roads of tradition. Revival follows God’s advancing presence into unchartered territories of promise.

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