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The Empty Luggage

As God's children, we all look forward to returning to our final home in Heaven one day. Yet this flight to Heaven takes a whole lifetime of pilgrimage on earth to prepare. In this book, Ester Tanumihardjo teaches about this important preparation. Using biblical examples and personal stories of her life in a foreign land, she shares how we could shed the weighty baggage of sin and living in the flesh, so that the personal luggage that we each carry becomes increasingly empty. With hope and faith, we can surrender our entire life to our Lord and Saviour, and arrive at the end of our journey in the courts of Heaven, with our luggage emptied of self and sin. With Christ formed in us, we are then ready to meet our Heavenly Father face-to-face and hear Him say, “Well done, my faithful servant.”

About the Author

Ester Tanumihardjo was born in Indonesia and in later years moved to Jordan with her husband. By God’s grace, they have lived a Spirit-led life for the past 23 years in the country, as Bible teachers and disciple-makers. They have two children who are today young adults. Ester’s main burden is to be an intercessor. In brokenness and tears she has stood in the gap for His Church for decades. The Empty Luggage is her fourth book.

Stories On Inner-Life Sanctification

What does it mean to be sanctified? What does the Apostle Paul mean in Galatians 2:20, that “I have been crucified and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life that I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me”?

In this book, Ester Tanumihardjo shows readers that being sanctified is not necessarily a fearsome process that only calls for exceptional upheavals in her life. Rather, it also demands that she avails her inner-life humbly to be judged and purified by her loving Father on a daily basis. Story by story, Ester shows that it is not just through life’s extraordinary events that she hears God. Instead, the Holy Spirit speaks to her when she is at her weakest and most invisible, in the smallest and most mundane of places and situations. She learns to obey His voice in her everyday encounters as a ministry worker, woman, sister, daughter, wife and mother, and testifies that victorious Christian living starts right where He has placed us, with our moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day conscious denial of our self, so that in becoming nothing, Christ lives in us.

About the Author

Ester Tanumihardjo was born in Indonesia. In January 2000, she moved to Jordan together with her husband. By God’s grace, they have lived a Spirit-led life for the past 22 years in the country, as Bible teachers and disciple-makers. They have two children who are today young adults. Ester’s main burden is to be an intercessor. In broken-ness and tears she has been standing in the gap for His Church for decades, in answer to God’s call. Stories on Inner-Life Sanctification is her third book.

Launched in Nov 2021, 2nd print in Feb 2022.

Are We Complacent?

“Are we complacent?” is a question that most of us do not ask ourselves. For those who are comfortably satisfied with our lives, blissful contentment veils us from the need for a deeper and more authentic relationship with our Maker. Of those who seek a more profound understanding of our Father in Heaven, few exercise critical examination of the state of our own hearts and lifestyles. As a result, we fail to realise that the Babylonian spirit of the world has infested our spirit, made it ill, decayed our spiritual senses and prevented us from approaching the Holy Throne of the Almighty and enjoying the fruitful life of a believer that God has meant for us to lead.

What is the nature of such a spiritual ailment?  What are its symptoms? Does it have a cure? Ester Tanumihardjo describes the essence of spiritual complacency and how it manifests itself in the lives of believers. Using Biblical principles on holy living and the prophetic visions revealed to her, she explains how triumphing over a self-gratifying life is key to emerging from a spiritual blindness that entraps and stalls our spiritual walk,  veers us off the right path and hides that narrow gate that leads to the Kingdom of God. This book also contains reflective questions at the end of each chapter for the reader to ponder upon, either privately or in a small group. May we enter into a time of self-examination only to break out of our cell of complacency, to approach His Throne Room in humility, repentance and ultimately, victory.

Launched in Mar 2021, 2nd print in Apr 2021, 3rd print in Feb 2022. This is the writer's first book.

Life of an Intercessor

The authentic heart of an intercessor is the heart of Christ, whose highest and deepest form of intercession led to the redemptive sacrifice of His blood for the world. The holy fear of God the Father and love for Christ drove Moses and the apostle Paul to lead radical, Spirit-led lives in bringing God’s people out of their spiritual deserts into the Kingdom of God, at great personal costs to the intercessors themselves. That same keen reverence for God and cutting affection for Christ gave the writer of LOAI the conviction to stand in the gap for the Church of our day as a prayer warrior for more than 3 decades.


Why do we pray? How do we intercede for others? What spiritual postures do we undertake as prayer warriors? What should we do to prepare ourselves and the church for the Last Days? Does what break God’s heart break ours?


A penitent sinner’s tears and a sojourner’s serenade ~ this book is an expression of love, thanks and gratefulness for the love of God, the sacrifice of Christ and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in the life of the writer and all intercessors. The writer explains Biblical principles for prayer intercession and draws on her rich personal experiences to testify to the power of Christ in her life as an intercessor, first in her native homeland, then in God-appointed places and finally in a foreign land she now calls her earthly home.

Review of Life of an Intercessor

“This book contains an account of one of the most powerful and relevant open visions experienced by any believer of our generation, yet it is found as one of two small articles added following the final chapter. By the time you get to this account you will understand why the writer was trusted with this experience.


Like the story of Rees Howells in a previous generation, the writer's journey as an intercessor is a privilege to read. I have been changed by it. Told from the perspective of a believer from the Chinese diaspora whose ministry work has exposed her to some of the most harrowing circumstances, she is nonetheless somebody whom I can follow with simplicity and hope. I know first-hand of her courage and perseverance when faced with the threat of violent mobs yet it is her inner-life that inspires me most; particularly when she has endured the more mundane roles of administrator, publisher, teacher, mother and wife while remaining connected to the works of God in the heavenly realm.


You may just be curious about what God is saying to our generation. You will find it here. Be warned, however. The book in your hand could transform you forever if you begin to imitate the writer in her extraordinary journey.”


John Dawson

President Emeritus, Youth With A Mission

Founder, International Reconciliation Coalition