A Little Bit About Us

Lighthouse Fellowship is an informal teaching platform set up in response to God's burden for us to nurture and disciple God's people. Through our talks, writings and recordings of online events and classes, we wish to encourage God's people to:

  • intercede in a radical manner, for the world and for the Church

  • embrace the call to a life of sanctification, so that we are set apart for God's Kingdom

  • heed the call to repent in the face of God's judgement

  • prepare for the coming of the Last Days and End Times

  • give thanks and accord glory to God our Father, Jesus Christ our King and Holy Spirit our Counsellor, in all things and at all times.

May we fellowship as one body to grow in the likeness of Christ, to become to the world the Pillar and Ground of the Truth (1 Timothy 3:15), that Light that shines bright (Matthew 5:14), the remnant Church of the Living God, and the pure Bride of Christ who awaits His coming at the end of time.

For enquiries, please write to lighthousefellowshipsg@gmail.com.